Decorating with antiques emanates from the need to believe in a story, develop a connection with the past, and reflect history in your living space.

Strolls over the weekend or during vacations often lead to antique stores or local flea markets to treasure hunt – then you fall in love with a strikingly beautiful antique piece hidden among other used items for sale.

You can be lucky to find antiques passed down several generations in the past. However, if you’re an antique collector, you’ll find yourself visiting different markets to find perfect antique pieces.

Humans tend to love items that have endured the test of time longer than themselves. A well-crafted dining table or dresser from the early century far outlives the fast-paced trends of today and tomorrow.

Aged over 100 years, antiques usually have a beaten look that makes them uniquely attractive with a warm touch. However, vintage pieces date back a couple of decades or more since their development.

Even so, you can decorate your home with antiques and vintage items in the same way – blending the modern sense of new with the old.

Antiques add a sense of history and context in your interior space. But, it isn’t about creating a museum with velvet ropes indoors.

Contemporary pieces’ juxtaposition with antiques, according to The Private Book by Rose Tarlow, a designer and former antiques dealer, can make your interior space look and feel young and alive. Strive to make your room comfortable, adding distinct beauty and character instead of creating a museum.

When looking for the best antique for your interior space, keep an open mind, listen to your heart and follow your gut feeling, and visualize how the piece can blend into your space. Love the piece first to find a place for it in your home.

You can parse items together to blend antiques and vintage furnishings into your existing décor. Collect aesthetic items from different movements that are many centuries or decades apart to bring indoors for an elevated look.

Alternatively, you can use pieces from the same era. But, make sure that your space doesn’t end up looking derivative or stale. You can source antiques thoughtfully to design your interior space with aged objects to give your space an authentic and referential look.

Here’re a few tips to help you decorate your interior space with antique furniture:

6 Tips to Decorate Your Interior Space with Antique Pieces

Choose the right antique for your space

No two homes or rooms are the same, hence the need to choose the right antique for decoration.

According to Maria Haidamus Interiors, you can find the most interesting antiques in the most unexpected places worldwide.

Choosing the right antique for your living space is more important than science. Mix and match forms, shapes, periods, and colors. But, keep in mind the rules or proportions and scale to ensure that you don’t go overboard.

Buy a truly authentic antique to get the look you want indoors. Choose reputable antique vendors and dealers you can trust to work with. They’re highly knowledgeable on and experienced in handling antiques, meaning there’re lots to learn from them.

Buy only antiques that you truly love

You can blend a pair of Giancarlo Piretti for Castelli’s Alky Chairs with a vintage brass Sarreid coffee table for an authentic beaten look.

Look for weird yet unique and wonderful antique furniture or furnishings to give your space a traditional touch. According to Centered by Design, opt for pieces that have a historical significance or a brand name for a personalized touch. However, that’s not necessary.

What’s important is that your preferred pieces will look great in your space. Make sure the items you pay for are close to your heart; this can help eliminate design mistakes. Mix and match your antiques and furnishings to create interest.

Blend eras that go together naturally without competing

You can blend a headboard from the 80s with a 70s mauve mohair Baker sofa for a contrasting yet appealing look. Always look for antiques with interesting profiles or history.

For instance, you can opt for an overlooked piece or well-made pieces that are a classic example of items used in the era. The overlooked fabric, according to Jen Talbot Design, may have worn out fabric and requires some love and vision to get it back to life.

As an example, if you can find a beaten propane grill fueled by gas or an old charcoal grill to include in your kitchen, you’ll get that perfect sear every time. What’s more, your kitchen will have a traditional look while helping you prepare healthy meals.

Don’t buy an antique furniture with structural issues because it isn’t easy to reconstruct wood. You can keep items within the same era range in a single room.

Whereas some eras go together naturally, others may feel as if they’re competing with each other.

Antique vendors aren’t the same

Decorate your interior space with a large gilt mirror and a 19th-century chandelier to accentuate your Arne Norell safari chairs for a matching look.

When shopping for vintage and antiques, think of different things such as color palette, style and feel, the scale, authenticity of an item, the price, and the client.

Maureen Stevens Designs recommends that you only buy your antiques from seasoned, vetted dealers to get value for your money.

Do your homework right and know your antique sources

Add a hand-painted antique fabric screen on your wall and complement it with 1960s vases glazed with a blue volcanic hue for an appealing look.

When working on any particular design project, consider appropriateness of the piece’s aesthetics in your interior space. Other factors to consider include a sense of soul and timeliness, and the condition of the antique.

Prioritize texture, silhouette, scale, and material over the period of an antique when making a selection to find a perfect fit. If you take a contemporary approach to design, you’ll end up blending tangible details and layering periods for a cohesive look.

According to Martin Young Design, do your homework well beforehand and know your sources to ensure that you get the right pieces to decorate your space. Find a trusted network of collectors and dealers to work with.

Add an extra layer of character and personality indoors

With the right antiques, you can add an authentic yet unique character and personality in your interior space.

A bibliotheque from London’s furniture fair can add history into your room. You can give your existing space an added touch of character and personality using authentic antiques.

A single large piece of antique furniture, according to Liliane Hart Interiors, can complete a wall in your living room or bedroom, giving a satisfactory feeling. But, with multiple antique pieces, you can create a sense of history indoors. For instance, you can create anything from a northeastern style on your coastal shingle house (if you’ve got one) for an impeccable turn-of-the-century look using similar furnishings. Always opt for compelling antique pieces such as a pair of Biedermeier chests to create a focal point.