Antique Furniture and Design 

Colors and Shapes


Colors indeed affect the general look and feel of a particular room. That’s why it’s crucial to put much thought into them. And now you know why it takes time to choose a hue scheme. However, even though it can be tricky, choosing the right color is easy once you know what you want to achieve. There are basic rules that designers follow.

For example, specific colors give a cooling effect, and certain colors make a room look more spacious. On the other hand, shapes also provide particular results. Curved and circular shapes create calmness, harmony, and make a room more comfortable. Thus you should know how to combine shapes and colors to give a balance.

Artwork and Accessories


We choose art and accessories to complement the established design concept.  Therefore, they must match the rest of the room either by way of similarity or contrast. It’s then that they can truly serve their purpose. However, it isn’t uncommon for people to base their design on an individual work of art or use an inspiration accessory.

Art can be the focal point of your space, and the right piece provides texture. The mistake some people make is that they don’t incorporate their tastes into accessorizing and art selection. They bring a sense of completion to a room and also serve as statement pieces. You want yours to say the right things about you.