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We’re privileged to have a diverse team made of individuals with various design interests. Our contributors include writers, editors, stylists, lifestyle and fashion enthusiasts, interior decorators, designers, and antique collectors. We have the opportunity of pooling knowledge from these people with vast experience in their field.

That enables us to gather expert views from different perspectives and present them to you in a refined way. The advantage is that it helps us provide our readers with insight that’s not skewed. Also, our team does lots of work and research to ensure that we provide adequate information. We, too, do our best to have a grasp of current design trends.

Redesigning Your Space


Some people think interior decorations are for people with new homes or as something you do after a renovation. However, just like humans get a makeover, you can decide to do that for your space. We help you in organizing and redesigning your place to fit into the modern world. Thereby maintaining the originality while acquiring a trendy style to be something we call a modern classic.

Antique Furniture and Design


People get old items as part of family inheritance, or things they’ve had for a long time. These things are known as antiques and usually have intricate designs. Yet many people keep them in storage or in a separate room for fear of ruining their plans. Nonetheless, it’s possible to decorate with antiques and still have your space not looking like a museum.

Antiques add spice to your style. The beauty is that there are numerous affordable fantastic antique items. However, vintage styles are coming back, which means your furniture doesn’t have to be old. You can also get decorations patterned after classic designs or make them yourself. You don’t even have to be a handy person to do that.

There are many creative ways to use available accessories and furnishings to give your home or room a timeless look. It brings a retro look without overpowering the concept of your design. That’s why it’s essential to have a guide, and our website provides you with loads of ideas and tips that you need.

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